You Are A Reflection Of Your Thoughts

163318920Have you ever asked yourself why me?

The “why me” question can come up for many different reasons, not all of them negative.  Even for the enlightened among us,  it is sometimes easy to overlook the role  our thoughts in determining who and what we are.   It can be said that we lose our True selves/Spirituality  in the noise of our own thoughts.  The fact that most of these thoughts are focused on the negative aspects of our experiences certainly doesn’t help either.

Thoughts/Ideas are very potent and precede the existence of things and experiences.  They are in the realm of creation itself.  An interesting statistic pointed out in the article referenced below is that “You form about 60,000 thoughts every single day and about 95% of those thoughts get exactly recreated the following day.”  If you just think about this a moment in the context of what we call the Law Of Attraction it is easily seen how we keep what ever we think about “alive” or active in our life. So taking this facet one step further we can easily understand why the only way to really create change is to change the underlying supportive thoughts and ideas that sustain the undesired.  As it is so well put in Rom 12:2 “do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind“.

Refer to the following article for additional insights.  “The Power of Thought”


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