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Get To Know Your Higher-Self

Subjective RealityKnow Your Higher-Self

An understanding of your higher-self is a key factor in understanding your relationship to the Universe.  Our higher-selves are an intrinsic part of our being-ness that is often overlooked or missed by the distractions of every-day living.

As there  is just 1 Universe, there is only 1 ideal of the higher-self.  Many religions, spiritual writings and inspired descriptions attempt to describe it. However, to truly understand it goes beyond the descriptions.. It requires firs hand knowledge. These descriptions are most useful to expand/open  your mind’s awareness to existence of your higher self. Therefore, use them to broaden your awareness. You will find that as you continue to broaden your awareness It( your Higher-Self) will make itself known to you.

Understanding the nature of our Higher-Selves (aka Oversouls) is essential to living a whole and fulfilling Spiritual life. Each one of us have a higher-self and by being in contact with it, we reach new heights of consciousness. Here’s a detailed explanation of How Our Higher-Selves Work…
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The following article presents another very good example/model of the higher-self. Click the following link to read it and share any insights you have with us here. How Our Higher-Selves Work  🙂

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