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Scientific Proof of The Power Of Visualization

Gregg Branden Presents scientific proof of the power of visualization. This clip presents scientific evidence that the character and nature of our thoughts effect the microscopic and submicroscopic properties of matter itself.  Furthermore, this influence is not diminished by vast distances. The experiments described in the video are truly amazing. They demonstrate the effect of […]


The Laws Of Thinking

Bob Proctor describes the laws of mind action in this video clip.  He explains that your predominant mental state determines the quality of your life and the experiences you have throughout your life. httpv:// The points presented in this video are key to successfully achieving any endeavor. Now, if this is your first experience with […]


Everything In The Universe Is Connected

Symphony of Science – ‘We Are All Connected’ httpv:// This video is truly amazing. It speaks to all levels of our existence both physical and spiritual. We really are connected. It is amazing how the universal ideas of the great spiritual thinkers/philosophers of the past are being revealed by science today. 🙂