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Alignment With Your Desires

How to Become Aligned With Your Desires

Oneness is the state of being free of resistance towards what’s arising within your reality, which in subjective language we can call the simulation. Oneness is a sense of cooperation between you and the simulation. It means that the simulation is delivering what you desire — and that you desire to experience what’s currently being simulated. Another way of saying this is that you have what you want, and you want what you have. Other words that mean essentially the same thing as oneness are harmony, congruence, and flow.

Your alignment with oneness is not all or nothing. There are degrees of alignment. You could be very poorly aligned, which means you’ll be noticing a lot of conflict between you and the simulation. You’ll be experiencing a great deal of what you don’t want. Or you could be very strongly aligned with oneness, which means you’ll be noticing a delightful sense of harmony and flow. You’ll be experiencing just what you desire.

One way to assess your alignment with oneness is to notice how you feel about your life overall. When this alignment is weak, you may experience feelings like sadness, anger, frustration, overwhelm, guilt, regret, or apathy. On the other hand, when your alignment with oneness is strong, you may frequently notice feelings like gratitude, appreciation, compassion, peace, joy, and unconditional love.


Practicing Oneness

How do you create oneness? The objective approach is to act upon the simulation itself. Try to make changes in your physical reality, so that you’ll experience more of what you desire and less of what you don’t.

Suppose you’re having a personal conflict with someone in your life like a friend, family member, or coworker. An objective way to handle this situation would be to discuss your problems with that person and see if you can come to some kind of resolution. And if that doesn’t work out, you may distance yourself from this person and spend less time together.

This approach also covers any changes you want to make to your physical body since your body is part of the simulation too. So if you’re not happy with your body, then an objective approach might be to change your diet and change your exercise habits to help create the changes in your body you desire.

Now what’s the subjective approach to creating oneness? In this case instead of acting on the simulation, you seek to make changes within your consciousness first and then let those changes ripple outwards into the simulation.

Start by imagining what it would feel like if you were already enjoying a sense of oneness with your simulation. I recommend that you start with feelings of gratitude and appreciation. Look around your simulation, and notice things that you can appreciate. Allow yourself to focus on those feelings of appreciation and to deepen them.

When I do this, I might start by looking at my watch and noticing how much I like and appreciate it. I might appreciate the computer I’m using and all it’s capable of doing. When I’m at home I often look at my couch and think of what an awesome couch it is — so soft, cozy, and comfortable.

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