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Maintain A Positive Attitude

“we were about to be the rulers of the world, but then we grew up.” – Unknown

Lol…. That is so true

If you have ever watched children go about their daily activities then I am sure you are aware that they approach their day differently ( with an enthusiastic untainted attitude of expectancy). On the other hand, the typical adult awakens and goes about their daily activities with a more tainted (more limited and negative) lethargic attitude of expectancy. This transition is generally considered the “normal” maturation process.

However, the Law Of Attraction suggests that we should approach our daily activities from a more enthusiastic untainted attitude of expectancy to attract and express the desires of our hearts. That is, it is ok to mature intellectually, but it is important to maintain the child like attitude of expectancy and fulfillment.

This is the attitude that allows the Universe to fulfill our heart’s desires, both the intellectually inspired desires as well as our deep desires still unknown to the intellect.

As an adult, I now rekindle a childlike expectation of freedom and fulfillment. I therefore approach each new day refreshed with an expectation of completeness and fulfillment.

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