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Finding Your Spiritual Path

Folks … Don’t worry about finding your Spiritual Path … Find Yourself(Authentic Self) and the path reveals itself to you. Rdyogie 🙂


You Are A Reflection Of Your Thoughts

Have you ever asked yourself why me? The “why me” question can come up for many different reasons, not all of them negative.  Even for the enlightened among us,  it is sometimes easy to overlook the role  our thoughts in determining who and what we are.   It can be said that we lose our True […]


How To Discover Your True Self/ Awareness of Self

An awareness of Self/Being-ness /I Am-ness (your True Self) is required to live a Truly Spiritual life.   The awareness of Self is at the core of all Spiritual disciplines and yet it is missed by most.  The fact of the matter is that our conscious awareness, acceptance or understanding of this fact is irrelevant as […]