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Why The Spiritual is So Hard To Understand

Why The Spiritual is So Hard

Why The Spiritual is So Hard

For whatever reason I was inspired to write about why The Spiritual is hard for people to get.

First of all, as most of us know .. In Truth we are Spiritual at the core of our Being.  So, if this is the case, what makes it so difficult to see or understand this?

Well, to put it in  a few words, the real problem is that we have essentially lost touch with who and what we are in Truth. Lets see if I can clarify this a little more.

You see, as Spiritual Beings we are directly involved in the creations and experiences that we have on a daily basis throughout life. The problem is that we have lost focus of the fact that we are Spiritual in Essence. Instead we now place our focus on defining ourselves based upon our physical experiences.

With such a strong physical focus we tend to not believe anything that can not be physically sensed. … Now, the Universe operates on a Spiritual principles of “like attracts like” ( Law of Attraction) and It doesn’t need our approval or acceptance to operate, It Just IS. The Universe echoes back to us experiences that reflect the nature of the thoughts we hold within.

However, our strong a physical focus requires that we must “see it to believe it”.  Whereas, meanwhile, the Universe is constantly delivering to us that which we believe within.

Can you see the problem?

We keep perpetually recreating our current experiences. Many of these experiences are those that we would like to change in our lives. We place our brief in them. We completely overlook the Truth that we are Spiritual Beings. As Spiritual Beings we need to  make a adjustments at the Spiritual level first in order to effect any changes in our experiences. Until we can do this, we will continue to re-create the same experiences over and over… it is the Law of the Universe.

I hope this post clarified why the Spiritual is so hard to understand. My book, “Life, Its All About You- A Spiritual look at why you are you”, covers this topic in greater detail from a personal perspective.


Mindfulness Tips

Mindfulness, a practice that has been around for centuries is being re-discovered.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness is the practice of non-judgmentally focusing your attention on the current moment.  It is an active state of awareness where we recognize or notice what our thoughts and experiences are in the “Now”.

Mindfulness differs from meditation in that mindfulness is more about focusing upon what is going on in the now.  It has a purposefulness, whereas, meditation is more concerned with coming  into the “now” experience without focusing on our current thoughts or experiences.

Mindfulness and meditation are very effective tools for taming the mind and developing your awareness of Self.

The following 7 mindful habits will greatly enhance your mindfulness skills.

  • Practice Gratitude
  • Feel your feet and palms
  • Notice the Environment
  • Breathe Deeply
  • Listen, Don’t just hear
  • Watch what you eat
  • The Mindful Shower

Read more about these 7 mindful habits on

To Live Life To The Fullest You Must “Jump” [Video]

To Live Life To The Fullest You Must “Jump” [Video]

To be successful in life you have to “Jump” as Steve Harvey says.

Listen to Steve Harvey’s message in the video clip below.  Everyone knows that Steve Harvey is a famous Comedian and host of the Family Feud game show.  However, very few know that he often spends a few minutes talking to the live audience at the end of every episode. The following video clip is of one of talks.

His message is on point and ties together the challenge of becoming successful and actively living the life that  you were given to have.

He calls it “Jumping”. In other words, go out on a limb, live by faith, get out of your comfort zone and discover/embrace that which comes to you naturally (your gift) .  I like his analogy of jumping and pulling the cords on a parachute that must eventually open.

Watch his amazing message in the video clip below.

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