To Live Life To The Fullest You Must “Jump” [Video]

To Live Life To The Fullest You Must “Jump” [Video]

To be successful in life you have to “Jump” as Steve Harvey says.

Listen to Steve Harvey’s message in the video clip below.  Everyone knows that Steve Harvey is a famous Comedian and host of the Family Feud game show.  However, very few know that he often spends a few minutes talking to the live audience at the end of every episode. The following video clip is of one of talks.

His message is on point and ties together the challenge of becoming successful and actively living the life that  you were given to have.

He calls it “Jumping”. In other words, go out on a limb, live by faith, get out of your comfort zone and discover/embrace that which comes to you naturally (your gift) .  I like his analogy of jumping and pulling the cords on a parachute that must eventually open.

Watch his amazing message in the video clip below.

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Finding Your Spiritual Path

Folks … Don’t worry about finding your Spiritual Path … Find Yourself(Authentic Self) and the path reveals itself to you.
Rdyogie :)

How To Evolve Into Your Best Self

Have you defined or even thought about who and what your best self is?

Don’t be surprised if you answered no to the previous question.  Actually, most of us are so wrapped up in the day to day chores and obligations that we basically forget about the fact that we exist as living and thinking beings.  In essence, most of us have completely forgotten that we exist.  Instead we tie our awareness of self to existing conditions and limitations.  That is, we define ourselves based upon the conditions in which we find ourselves.

In fact, if you answered no to the previous question, then you mostly feel as though you are trapped and limited by the daily conditions and situations you find your self in.  Sorry to say it, but you are.  That is, unless you realize that you are a thinking and feeling being that exists apart from the conditions you otherwise find yourself in.


It sounds simple, but a key component to changing our life experiences is the desire to change.  In life you are either forced to change by life itself, as a result of unbearable conditions, or you take it upon your self to change by proactively discovering Yourself and harnessing your natural abilities towards changing your life for the better.

The first requirement for change in your life is to actively decide you desire a better life. It is only after this decision is made that you can begin to take the necessary steps towards Pathways that lead to the life you desire.

The following free eBook – “How To Become Your Best Self” and its associated materials is an excellent guide for understanding how to use the creative process in order to evolve into your best self.

In this eBook you will find useful information on the following topics as illustrated in its table of contents

How the World Really Works.

  •         Myth #1: Successful People are Lucky.
  •         Myth #2: Your Problems Are Other People’s Fault
  •         Myth #3: Rich People Are Either Greedy or Were Born that Way.
  •         Myth #4: You Are Who You Are and Can’t Change.

Harness the Astounding Power of Thought

  •         Visual Thought Exercise.
  •         Auditory Thought Exercise.
  •         Tactile Thought Exercise.

Know and Become Who You Really Are.

  •         Obstacles in the Way of Your Best Self
  •         Steps to Discover Your Best Self16

Master Your Mindset

  •         Grab Every Opportunity.

Conditioning Your Mindset for Your Ideal Body.

  •         Value Your Body.
  •         Acknowledge Your Mortality.
  •         Learn About Your Body.

The 3 Biggest Secrets to Getting What You Want
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